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Vancouver Wedding Photography

Your wedding is your story about your beginning together.  We will create a handcrafted storybook that will last in your family for generations.  And of course, your experience will be amazing from start to finish!

Of course, pricing will be one of your main concerns while choosing your Vancouver Wedding Photographer.  In a large market like Vancouver, your options can be overwhelming.  You want to be careful about hiring a photographer based solely on a low price, because odds are, that indicates a lack of experience.  It may be more tempting to hire a friend with a camera, but if photography is important to you, this is NOT the day for less than perfect photographs!  Here are a few things to keep in mind while you're browsing portfolios:


Out here on the west coast, the vibe and style is very light and airy.  The Los Angeles and Vancouver vibe!  And while it’s very pretty, honestly, it is NOT my style at all.   There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it; I’m just not inspired by it.  If that’s the style you’re into, there are some KILLER photographers out here who NAIL that vibe, and I’m definitely more than happy to refer you to them!  My feelings won’t be hurt.  :)

My style, on the other hand, is the polar opposite of light and airy.  You’ll find my photos to be rich and contrasty.  “Visually aggressive” is what I call it.  What this boils down to is simple: I just light my clients differently.  This way, I can keep the deep blue sky.  I can keep the famous west coast sunset.  I can keep the moody and intense storm clouds.  None of that gets blown out.  My goal is to leave you with a work of art!  When someone sees your photo, it’s totally cool for them to say “oh wow, that’s very pretty”, but I prefer them to say “HOLY SHIT!”

Telling a Story:

This is the main reason I want you to walk away with more than a simple online gallery of your images.  I don't want you to miss the emotional connection with your wedding day - this is why we work so carefully on your wedding album, as it is your first family heirloom.  It is where we feature the most important parts of your day, in a luxuriously tangible fashion!