2019 Project Obscura: Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes video! Because what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas, right?

2019 Project Obscura, in the gorgeous Valley of Fire! Definitely an AMAZING photography workshop, and hey, we’re in LAS VEGAS! So there’s plenty of other shenanigans. ;)

Project Obscura is a massive shootout in the beautiful areas surrounding Las Vegas, combined with practical business training, led by some of the best photographers in the business!

It is brought to us by:
Sal Cincotta
H&H Color Lab
N-Vu Images

This year’s instructors:
Sal Cincotta
Audrey Woulard
Nichol Krupp
Kevin Jordan
Casey Dittmer
Michael Anthony


4:15 Mandy gets a tattoo from Christian O’Reilly at Club Tattoo

12:05 Project Obscura day 1: In the field
Angelica Fowler
Joshua McCall
Shae Smith
Amanda Suave
Emily Trosclair
Kellie Christensen
Sophie De Muynck
Emily Hafley
Lana Chairez
Curtis David
Angelica Acevedo
Kayla Kalisz
Bri Payne
Sydney Webb
Emily Carothers
Hector Mosqueda

22:32 Project Obscura Day 2: The Classroom

28:49 Voss Events Drag Brunch
India Ferrah
Coco Montrese
Kahanna Montrese
Yara Sophia

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