Moxie Munch at the Olympia

Have I mentioned lately how much I love going to the Olympia Expo in Las Vegas?  I think I enjoy the expo more than the Mr. Olympia finals themselves.  I love checking out all the booths and all the vendors, but especially the ones I have never heard of.

One such vendor was Moxie Munch.  They're little protein crisps, and they're f'n delicious.  I tried two flavors: Apple Pie and Honey BBQ.  Both were deeeeeelish, but since I'm definitely a BBQ guy, I have to give the flavor edge to Honey BBQ.

And I didn't catch his name, but the dude running the booth was a SUPER nice guy.  Love to see them back at the Olympia Expo in 2016!  You guys definitely have a new customer.

PS - Hey, Quest Chips..... You have some competition!

Moxie Munch