NYC Foodies: Help a Brotha Out??!

Ok, the photos of me at the bottom of this post were taken in 2009, when I was very single and clearly had no f'n idea how to dress myself.  I even had jorts.  JORTS.  In NYC.  Looking back, I am shamefaced.

Now then:

Hello Mavericks!

One of my goals for 2015 was to take my wife Mandy to NYC, as she has never been before.  I went once back in 2009 (so I’ll sprinkle a few photos at the bottom), but of course, things can change a lot in 6 years!

Mandy is definitely a foodie, and I am pretty much the exact opposite.  Trying to get me to try something new is VERY challenging, to say the least!  So with that in mind….

Where do we **HAVE** to eat while we’re there??  Specifically:

-          Best dessert place
-          Best steakhouse
-          Best sushi
-        Best pizza
-          Best raw/vegan food (Ok, this one is going to be especially challenging for Mandy, because I’ll go for meat over tofu ten times out of ten.  Sorry, tofu lovers) ;)

We’ve already decided on The Cafeteria, due to our incessant stalking of their Instagram account.  I mean, BBQ Pork sliders with yucca fries?  Chicken & Waffles??  OMG get inside me!!

Thanks for your help!  And, as a little incentive, you’ll earn yourself a nice little blog feature later this summer if we take you up on your suggestion.  ;)

**Leave your recommendations in the comments section below!**