(3/11) Road Trip 1999: Free Day in Reno

Ahhhhh, recovery from the hell drive was complete!

Reno was cool once upon a time… I swear……

Started the day of right by grubbing down at the Victorian Buffet inside the Silver Legacy Casino, and then it was off to the mall?  Wait, why the hell are we going to the mall?!  Because later in the trip we had planned on hiking Tikaboo Peak, Lassen Peak, and Mt. St. Helens.  And guess who brought hiking boots with them?  That’s right, NOBODY!  But we needed some things for the immediate future as well, namely BOOZE and MIX.  I decided to go with an oddball mix of Cherry Coke and Bacardi Limon.  And you know what, it was f’n DELICIOUS, so if you’re gonna judge me for that drink, then you can stick it, brother.

Next up was relaxing at the pool!  Eldorado had a pretty decent pool, so we did some pre-drinking, and then off to catch some rays poolside!

The miracle of all miracles happened.  Not sure if it was the booze, or the IDGAF mindset that tends to happen on vacation, hell, it could have been the Apter wrestling magazine that I was reading, but there was a grand total of ONE attractive young lady at the pool, and we hit it off right on the spot.  Ulana was her name, from Lakeside Washington.  Never saw her again!  But hey, that’s how it goes on the road.

After getting sunbaked at the pool, Mark and I regrouped to decide what to do for dinner.  And to drink more, obviously.  Only problem was, I was out of mix.  What to do, what to do?  We walked up to 7-11 for a Slurpee (hey, we were Slurpee addicts)

By this point we were REALLY hungry.  We drunkenly stumbled to the other end of downtown, to The Comstock.  We were 100% feeling some steak, and The Miner’s Café in the Comstock had the best deal on steak in town.  I don’t remember the price offhand, but it was under $10 for a sixteen ounce New York Steak.  And it was f’n GOOD!!!  (You can’t get any more Reno than that, ya know?)

That about did it for Reno, because we were back on the road the next day.  On to Death Valley, and then Las Vegas, baby!