Small Town BC: Beaverdell

 I’ve had a few people asking me about my photos that were on Global BC last Sunday, when they were featuring the small town of Beaverdell, on their weekly Small Town BC segment.  (The word “town” may be a bit of a reach, but you know what I mean) 

First off, here’s the clip (it’s the second video)

The first photo is the General Store.

Where else in town are you gonna buy a single of Old Milwaukee?  (A better question is, why would you want to, but that’s not really here nor there.)  I usually go for the Doritos and the energy drinks, because I'm healthy like that when I'm on the road.  But the General Store is pretty much the hub of most Beaverdell activity!

My mother in law Terry is decorating her walls with Beaverdell wall art, so she’s been challenging me to create some stunning sepia toned images.  This was one of them that made the cut!

The second photo is a cool AF dude named Laurence Moldine.

A couple summers ago, during the Rock Creek wildfires, a lot of horses bolted.  One of them found its way to Beaverdell, and Terry was cool enough to put some shoes on it.  Laurence guided us to the farm and hung out for awhile.

Afterwards, he confessed that he definitely saw me taking his photo.  Guess a career with the paparazzi won’t be happening anytime soon.  ;)