The People of New York City

There’s definitely a fun cast of characters in New York City.  Times Square especially.  It reminded me a lot of Las Vegas, but unfortunately, minus the ability to drink in public.

The naked cowboy is quite infamous, though I would have to challenge the validity of his nickname.

Of course, the girls with bodypaint.  Is there an actual name for them?  I got ambushed so many times in front of Sephora while I was waiting for my wife to buy makeup.  (I know, I know, these are the problems I face in my life.  Sigh)

And the massive crowds themselves!

One of my favorites, the psychic who claimed to not know Lindsay Lohan.  I know, kind of random, eh?

Hey, guys selling tours……. I know you’re just doing your jobs, but you’re overly aggressive and I don’t like you that much.  If I say I don’t want your tour, I don’t want your f’n tour!!

The subway is another fun place to people watch.

Except for this jackass on the R Train.  (Oh wait, it’s a selfie……… nevermind)

Finally, I saw this dude chilling in Soho.  Gotta get the quads burning with the wall squats!

Yeah, the people in NYC definitely rival Las Vegas………!