Vancouver Wedding Photography - Top Five Tips for Better Engagement Photos

Top Five Tips for Better Engagement Photos

Hey there!

Ahhhhhh, your engagement session!  So many people are nervous to start out.  But the nerves fade, I promise?  Now, you want to be prepared, right?  Here are some starter tips!

1)      Wardrobe: We’re creating wall art for your home, and you’re not going to want a beautiful canvas in your living room of your groom-to-be wearing cargo shorts, flip flops, and a “Macho Man” Randy Savage T-Shirt.  Hey, I love the Macho Man as much as the next guy, but you have to tell him that this isn’t the time!  Be comfy, be trendy, and be the best version of you!  (Also, let’s be real…. Who really wants to wear flip flops THIS time of year in Vancouver?!)

2)      Hair & Makeup: Surely as you want your fiancé to look amazing, you want to look amazing too!  (But of course you want to upstage him a little bit, am I right??)  If you’re not confident in doing your own hair & makeup, you’ll want to hit up a salon beforehand, and have it done professionally.  After all, you’re going to be looking at these photos forever!  Plus, there’s an added benefit; with you looking so good, surely your fiancé will want to take you out for a nice dinner afterwards. Date night!

3)      Location: Urban grungy area?  Beautiful mountain scene?  Lakeside?  There’s a crazy amount of unreal locations in Metro Vancouver for great photos.  Food for thought: Is there a place that holds special meaning to you as a couple?  For example, some recent clients wanted their engagement photos done at the coffee shop where they first met!  (Their photographer greatly appreciated the extra caffeine)

4)       Pets & kids:  YES!  If you have them, bring them!

5)      Theme: Lots of couples like to use one of their engagement photos for their Save The Date cards, and quite often these cards have a theme to them.  One such couple I’m photographing this month has a “taking the plunge” theme, so at the end of their session, they plan on jumping into a body of water!  I’m not saying you need to be THAT drastic (though I’d certainly be happy if you did), but something creative like this will give all your friends and family something cool to talk about for years.  Not only that, but it’s something that you’re always going to remember.