When Your Skin Softening SUCKS!

Ok people, time for a little PSA on something that I see abused pretty much hourly.


It’s been happening since the dawn of the darkroom, I get it, (hey, I do it too) but the Instagram apps of today are making it WAY too easy to abuse.  So CHILL on the skin softening! 

What you want to use it for is to remove fine lines around the eyes and on the forehead, smooth over large pores, and things like that.  When you use the tool on your eyeballs, hairline, hair, lips, teeth, etc, it’s cringe-worthy.  The amount of times I’ve seen noses disappear completely, or the chin fade seamlessly into the neck…… #SorryNotSorry

Less is more, people!

Allow me to demonstrate on myself!

*The photo on the left is straight out of camera.
*The photo in the middle is what I see so many people doing.  Yes, I know I exaggerate a little bit for dramatic effect, but still, STOP DOING THIS IMMEDIATELY.  Like, my facial scruff!  My hairline!  My eyes are over-whitened!  My nose is gone!  My chin is blended into my neck!  Stop the madness!  AND ONE MORE THING.  The warping tool!  Yeah, my shoulders look jacked AF, which I like, but you gotta watch the straight lines around what you're warping!
*The photo on the right is a good level of skin softening.  Skin pores minimized, wrinkles minimized... A good natural looknig selfie!

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