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Porteau Cove Star Trails

Ever have one of those days where you just get into your car and start driving, with no destination whatsoever in mind?

That’s kind of how my night photoshoot at Porteau Cove came to life.  All I knew was that I wanted to take pictures of a dark starry sky, so I simply jumped on the freeway and started driving.  By the time I hit Burnaby, I thought hey, Porteau Cove isn’t really THAT far, and I’ve never been, so why the hell not?

Porteau Cove is on the eastern shore of the Howe Sound, in between Vancouver and Squamish, and right off the Sea To Sky Highway.  Nice little stopover for sure

Started off by capturing some gorgeous sunset colors, then I had a good hour or so to kill before the sky went dark and the stars came out.  Thank the Gods for Candy Crush, right?

Then I pointed my camera to the north star, and started firing!

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